Advanced BIM Solutions

Hi-Tech Export is a professional BIM Service Company that is competent in developing precise BIM models for architectural and MEP project. Irrespective of whether you need just a model of building or comprehensive depiction of your project for documentation and collision detection we are the most relied brands to successful fulfill your requirements. We have highly knowledgeable and experienced BIM drafters that can design high quality drawings for your BIM project. We also have capability of organizing documents for validation, visualization and design review. Some of our advanced BIM solutions comprise of BIM 4D services, BIM 5D services, and PointCloud.

If you are starting off in the BIM world for the first time and are making the transition to Revit or Tekla or have enough experience of using it, our staff of BIM drafters will be able to provide you customized BIM Solutions necessary to achieve your goals. We can also assist you with high-end modeling and conception of custom families, schedules, templates, and custom parametric data creation for project specific or client specific requirements etc. Our BIM modeling experts can assist you get optimal result through our BIM tools for enhanced efficiency and condensed effort.

Advanced BIM Solution Offerings:

BIM 4D Services encompasses advanced risk management, construction visualization, cost allocation for comprehensive virtual construction 4D simulation, supply chain management, and project scheduling. We provide enriched visual simulation approach to the management of constructions through supply chain management, planning & scheduling, earned value management, risk management.

BIM 5D Services comprises of manufacturing, truss manufacturing, floor systems, bathroom pods, design engineering, BIM Modeling & MEP coordination, proprietary delivery system, etc. We integrate all the structural red iron, rough openings, framing, structural red iron and the entirety of MEP solutions in its BIM model drawings to assure precise and comprehensive building solution for your subsequent project.

PointCloud Services includes 3D environment, location and object scanning, 3D scanning of static environments in every imaginable size, capturing of matching textures as HDR or LDR (RAW, Jpeg,…), cleanup and merging / stitching of point clouds, creation of poly surfaces from point clouds through manual modeling or automated meshing, Delivery of the point cloud data in a huge variety of file formats, manual modeling following clients specifications, etc.

Auxiliary Benefits:

  • Quality BIM solutions yet cost-effective with timely delivery
  • Experienced and skilled fleet of BIM drafters, BIM modeling experts, and BIM modelers
  • Bring our innovation and experience together to produce effective BIM solutions
  • No cost for recruitment, infrastructure or payroll related formalities
  • You focus on your core competencies while we manage your advanced BIM solutions
  • Numerous satisfied clients of offshore BIM solutions in most parts of USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India, China, Philippines, etc.
  • Reach out to us for advanced BIM solutions at Hi-Tech Export