MEP Services

Hitech Export provides high quality mechanical electrical plumbing MEP engineering services including MEP Modeling, MEP CAD Drafting and MEP 3D Modeling Services.

We believe that client relationships are based on the quality of work provided. This makes our teams willing to offer accurate services that are delivered on the timelines set forth. We make use of the latest tools and innovations as far as technology is concerned. Therefore, with our firms, clients have the assurance of getting efficiency at all levels.

MEP Engineering Services Include:

  • Intelligent and virtual three dimensional modeling service
  • Extra information on the material requirements, quantity specifications, cost estimations on the project
  • Visualization of the project model in three dimensions
  • Rendering, walkthrough and animation services

Benefits with Hitech Export:

  • Helps in making a decision as per the project idea and the features
  • Realistic visualization and analysis of the project plan
  • Estimation on materials procurement, resource usage and bidding
  • Improvement in coordination of project componential sequencing for construction purpose
  • Early detections of the project problems which might take place during the construction phase of a project
  • Helps in fine tuning of the cost factors and the better management as far as human resource is concerned
  • BIM also helps in the better marketing and the presentation of the construction approach
  • Early correction that helps in conserving both time plus monetary resources

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