Structural 3D Modeling Services

Hi-Tech Export is one of the most reliable structural engineering firm with expertise in 3D structural modeling, structural 3D design and analysis services. At Hi-Tech Export, we understand how important structural 3D modeling is to the longevity of a structure. We create precise structural 3D models from the given plans, elevations, drawings and sketches for all types of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Structure 3D Modeling Services Include:

  • Structural components such as foundations, columns, beams, slabs, walls, stairs, handrails, girders, rafters, bracings, stiffeners, brackets
  • Different types of foundations like shallow, deep and pile foundations
  • Different types of framings
  • Connection details between different steel structural components
  • Special structures such as tanks, bridges, water retaining structures, retaining walls, transmission towers etc.
  • Curved structures such as shell, masts, funnels, bulkheads etc.
  • Planar structures such as plates, platforms, decks, deck/penetration pieces, stiffeners, brackets etc.

When it comes to developing a structural 3D model for clients, we apply the latest technological advances in the field of structural 3D modeling. Structural drafters and engineers who work on design solutions are technically proficient with the latest software technology and apply it to produce accurate CAD visuals. Our team of structural engineers strictly follow the tailored construction & International standards that are followed by the client.

Software we use: Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Navisworks, Tekla, Xsteel, AutoCAD, StaddPro, StruCAD, 3DS Max, RebarCAD.

Industries we Serve:

  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Civil Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Commercial / Industrial Structures

Our Benefits:

  • Needs of the client are understood and given top propriety
  • The most economical solutions are provided
  • Solutions are delivered within timelines agreed by the client

Hi-Tech Export is an organization that is committed to developing design solutions which ensure the structural project of our clients has a firm foundation and it is crisis resistant.

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