Energy Modeling Services

Hi-Tech Export is a renowned name in the fields of energy modeling. Our energy modeling team can generate virtual energy models of your projected or prevailing building. These models can then be utilized by the entire project team to enhance the design or operation of the building by scrutinizing the relationships between building components and systems, and assessing the cost-benefit of several building enhancements.

We are one-stop solution for all your Building Energy Modeling, Simulation & Analysis services. We have the knack of providing energy modeling services during all the stages of delivery process in new and existing buildings.

Energy Modeling Service Offerings:

  • Fenestration analysis
  • Wind tunnel effect studies and wind movement analysis
  • Analysis of various HVAC and lighting systems
  • Internal and external CFD simulations and studies
  • Analysis and simulation to ascertain microclimate and heat island effects
  • Whole building energy simulations
  • Wall and roof assembly optimization
  • eQuest Modeling, Analysis, Simulation
  • Review of passive design techniques and their feasibility for buildings
  • Daylight simulations and views analysis

We have talented bunch of professionals providing energy modeling services by utilizing numerous ground-breaking systems, technologies and design tools to help enhancing our clients’ designs and perform value engineering to scrutinize different systems and substitutes, decrease costs, and deliver energy use reduction solutions. Some of our prominent energy modeling services encompasses energy audits, life-cycle cost analysis, energy modeling, benchmarking for comparisons, energy metering and monitoring along with energy grant applications.

Software We Use:

  • EnergyPlus
  • DIALux
  • Relux
  • Revit
  • Autodesk Ecotect
  • eQUEST

Our energy modelers use different energy modeling software contingent on the requirements and intricacy of the project. We understand the precincts of each program. With the help of our energy modeling reports; our clients can comprehend the information in a convenient manner which is easy to digest. The energy simulations that we develop during the projects act as a decision making points while designing the projects. We have the experience of working with manufacturers, building architects, and project engineers to develop the most perfect models.