We have state of the art infrastructure with over 650+ workstations and multiple (T-1) Lines for high-speed data communication.

State of Art Facilities

State of Art Facilities
  • Built-up area of more than 40,000 Sq.ft. spread over 4 offices
  • Total of 650+ workstations
  • Adequate storage area with full security
  • Round-the-clock power supply with backup UPS and generators
  • Data backup facility with CD writer, zip drives, etc.
  • Multiple (T-1) Lines for high-speed data communication
  • High-speed scanners
  • Printers: laser jet, desk jet, plotters, etc.
  • Adequate fire safety systems
  • Ergonomically designed furniture
  • In-house recreation facilities

Server and Systems

Server and Systems
  • Servers: Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Linux Servers, Back-up Server
  • CISCO Firewall with 128 bit data encryption for Data Security over the Net
  • Structured cabling for high speed data access
  • Ability to support batch upload/download
  • Ability to expand to multiple database-server and multiple data/document servers over LAN/WAN
  • High-end servers at each location with a back up server

Security and Safety

Security and Safety
  • Constant monitoring of entire premises with CCTV — including parking, lobby, cafeteria, reception and production labs
  • Strict prohibition of unauthorized access to systems
  • Constant monitoring of workstations to keep a tab on unofficial activities
  • Locked premises with Access Control Card System. Each employee needs to wear his/her I-card.
  • Backup office for disaster management
  • 14 Servers & Backup Servers


  • Access to dedicated leased line for high-speed Internet
  • Modem, routers and all necessary facilities
  • Video conference facilities.
  • Customer support via e-mails, phone calls and chat tools

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