Management Team

Pranit Banthia

Pranit Banthia
Chief Executive Officer

  • Mr. Banthia is a young, dynamic Computer Engineer with more than 15 years of combined work experience in Administration,
    Human Resource Management, Marketing, Public Relations & Government Liaison, in multi-services and multi-industry scenario.
  • In a span of fifteen years he has managed to knit three successful companies managing more then 850 staff.
  • He also has been corporate trainer for Indian companies and provided management consultancy for companies in USA and UK.
  • His idea of running business is very clear – Customer Service with Trust, Commitment and Honesty.

M.J. Singh

M.J. Singh
Senior Corporate Consultant

  • Mr. Singh has been associated with Hitech as Senior Corporate Consultant since February 2008.
  • His primary focus is to advise the top management on corporate planning, strategic management, HR/Administration and Management Development endeavors.
  • Mr. Singh has over 36 years of extensive senior/top management experience serving reputed companies in India and the UK.
    Though his core area has been Human Resources Management, he also possesses expertise in other areas such as, strategic management,
    project management, and training and development. He had also taught at management institutions and had been involved in community development programs.
  • Mr. M J Singh holds an MBA and has a degree in Law.

Bachal Bhambhani

Bachal Bhambhani
Sr. Vice President

  • Mr. Bhambhani joined Hitech in May 2009 as Sr. Vice President of Engineering and Business Operations.
  • Mr. Bhambhani has held various management positions in his 16 years of work experience in the US. He has
    worked at Yahoo! Inc. in California for the past 8 years as Director of Global Product Management. At Yahoo!
    his role was managing Display Advertising Systems that enabled $2 billion in annual advertising revenues.
    He has also served as Director of Product Development at infoUSA, a consumer& business database company
    based in Omaha, Nebraska. Mr. Bhambhani has also spent some time as Engineer at Applied Communications Inc.
    where he was responsible for design and development of BASE24, an industry leading solution for electronic fund transfer systems.
  • Mr. Bhambhani is a seasoned traveler and has extensively worked with clients and users in international countries.
  • Mr. Bhambhani holds an M.S. in Computer Science from University of Kansas, USA, and B.E. in Computer Engineering from Gujarat University.

Hitesh Mistry

Hitesh Mistry
Vice President

  • Mr. Mistry has been with the company since its inception in 1992.
  • He has rich experience in the world of business process outsourcing, which includes various industry horizontals such as Data
    Processing, Customer Support & Marketing, Administration and Human Resources. He advises all levels of management on operational
    efficiency and related strategic issues.
  • Mr. Mistry holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Gujarat University.

Ritesh Sangani

Ritesh Sangani
Director BPO Services

  • Mr. Sangani is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction by value addition thereby building long term and mutually beneficial business relationships.
  • He has 11 years of extensive International Marketing experience and an established track record in identifying
    the opportunities in the global markets and successfully managing client relations. His background includes a sound
    knowledge of IT and ITES service sector. Before joining Hitech, he was heading a business unit for the Asian region.
  • Mr. Sangani holds a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and has a diploma in Computer Science.

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