Aperture Card Scanning Services

Hi-Tech Export is a renowned firm known for reliable aperture cards scanning to work upon any size conversion project, either small or large to produce clean and clear digital images from any of the aperture cards. Based on the features of the premium quality scanners available in the market, we include our software in furnishing scanned results that are much better than your original images.

Benefits of Aperture Card Scanning India:

  • We provide best indexing and database integration services
  • We index scanned documents and match the index data with external databases
  • We implement double-keyed stroking to maintain 100% accuracy levels
  • We perform multiple levels of quality assurance to process fully indexed digital images

Hi-Tech Export is in possession of dedicated professionals who are ready to integrate with your existing workflow and provide aperture scanning services along with relevant business information and digital distribution systems like PDM, ERP, MRP, etc.

Our Aperture Card Scanning Services Include:

  • Scanning of cards with best quality aperture card scanners
  • Reading Hollerith codes along with the precision levels maintained
  • Scanning front of card to reflect the standards that you expect from us
  • Performing advanced services such as visual code reading of non-punched cards

At Hi-Tech Export, We meet the increasing demands of business competency to perform prompt turn-around in a consistent fashion. Experience a high quality of services within your budget without compromising with the existing standards after you prefer to outsource aperture scanning to us.

Contact us to get high quality, time bound and cost effective aperture card scanning Services.