Transcription Services

Hitech Export offers quick, accurate, reliable & cost-effective transcription services to businesses, individuals & professionals at across the globe. We have specialized team of certified & experienced transcribers that transcribe audio / video files into written documents.

Our expertise includes transcription of interviews, focus group discussions, medical records & reports, patient summary, court proceedings, webinars, podcasts, seminars, sermons, lectures, thesis, talks, meetings, round-table discussions, media recordings, telephonic conversions, dictations, and so on…

Affordable Outsourcing Transcription Services India

Business processes are being accomplished at a much faster because of the availability of the latest transcription technology. Have a quick glance at some of our crucial services related to transcription:

  • Audio Transcription

Hitech Export is well experienced in furnishing speech to text and voice to text services for digital such as MP3 and MP4 as well as non-digital formats like Tapes and Cassettes for the purpose of interviews, speeches, lectures and group discussions.

  • Video Transcription

Let your videos transcribed with experienced industry professionals and get access to the SEO advantage. We are known for providing video to text transcription services along with time codes, subtitles and captions while focussing on synchronization with the audio.

  • Interview Transcription

Our transcription services in relation to interviews are targeted at one-to-one interviews and interviews involving multiple participants corresponding to several fields like IT, business, healthcare, academics, legal, media and marketing.

  • Medical Transcription

Hitech Export is determined to save you more time and money when it comes to medical transcription. Prefer our top-notch Media transcription services for TV programs, movies, reality shows and news along with closed captions, clear subtitles and time codes.

  • Business Transcription

Having an edge in the marketplace is best possible when services related to various business prospects are available on time. We provide valuable services in transcribing audio into text form related to business documents.

  • Legal Transcription

Availing legal advice in response to various cases is easily possible through our legal transcription services. We provide customers with valuable data in the form of texts provided from the relative audiotapes with maximum transcription rates.

Contact us to get high quality, time bound and cost-effective transcription services.