Web Scraping Services

Hi-Tech Export is a renowned web scraping company based in India known to offer valuable web scraping solutions in a reliable manner. We are known to utilize web scraping script written in any of the languages such as PHP, Java, .NET, AJAX, JavaScript, Python, C# and/or ASP to process HTML web pages of any of the targeted website to scrape information or data for the conversion of unstructured row data into structured form.

We are based on advanced web scraping tools and scripts that will propel a customer in glancing at a website through a browser. Professionals at Hi-Tech Export allow our customers in connecting any of the website’s HTML web pages with website scraping and data extraction services.

Hi-Tech provides data scraping and web crawling services for wide range of industries such as E-Commerce, Retail, Wholesale, IT, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Construction, Medical, Marketing & Advertising, Travel, Internet & Market Research companies.

Web Scraping Services we offer:

  • Extraction of precise data from the website pages
  • Crawling of web pages in an instant manner covering various aspects
  • Harvesting of information from website pages to collect and process data further

Apart from the above services, we are known to furnish website scraping services as per the diverse requirements of customers in an innovative manner.

Web data scraping services available with Hi-Tech Export streamlines several ways of extracting data and information besides valuable content from website pages reflecting the diverse business needs of the customers representing web scraping India.

Benefits at Hi-Tech Export:

  • Provision of low cost website scraping services as per the requirement
  • Creation of information databases based on data from online product stores
  • Collecting valuable data for processing from e-commerce and job posting sites

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