BIM Coordination Services

Hi-Tech Export offers BIM coordination services which are precise, accurate, and allow various tasks to be linked together in a simple manner. The company utilizes innovative software resources to develop BIM coordination drawings customized to the specific needs of our patrons.

We Offer the Following 3D BIM Coordination Services:

  • Oversee the BIM standards development, implementation and enforcement on office level
  • Assist in developing and enforcing BIM documentation and workflow process standards
  • Liaison with BIM development team members and support development and enforcement of BIM standards throughout entire company
  • Prepare BIM coordination services and assist with BIM scope, schedule and budget for assigned projects.
  • Integrating combined knowledge pertaining to design, construction, operations and maintenance of each MEP system

Personnel who work on 3D BIM Coordination projects have comprehensive knowledge of their vertical and are up to date with recent industry standards and conventions. They are comfortable working with the latest software technologies and applying it to BIM Coordination Drawings.

Benefits with Us:

  • BIM coordination services can be used not just for projects on a massive scale but even small scale ventures.
  • This technique is inexpensive, contrary to most myths, and is the way forward for all contractors. In fact it helps to eliminate unnecessary costs that occur due to insufficient interoperability in construction.
  • This is a rapidly evolving process and the technology is only going to get better in the coming years, giving more flexibility to contractors and architects.

At Hi-Tech Export, we provide a quality of service, as well as, maintain a modern and flexible approach by encouraging open communications and considering new ideas for the overall project coordination and design process.

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