Podcast Transcription Services

Hi-Tech Export, a leading transcription company providing podcast transcription services focuses on satisfying and benefiting customers the most.

Podcasting means to broadcast audio/video files using internet. It is delivered through an RSS feed and for seeing it viewers have to subscribe. We provide podcast transcription services that guarantee to expand the impact of your podcast in a rapid and affordable manner.

Offering transcripts of your podcasts will allow your customers to benefit from the information they get. Also to detect content by search engines you need podcast transcription services. If your podcast is paired with our highly accurate transcripts, your podcast will definitely start showing up in search engine results and it will improve traffic in no time.

Outsource podcast transcription services from Hi-Tech Export that will always fit your individual as well as business project requirements. We ensure that your transcript will be proofread and will be of more than 99% accuracy.

Advatages of Podcast Transcription Services

  • First rate quality of transcripts
  • We offer you with options of captioning, subtitling and time stamping/time coding.
  • Quick deliveries and 24 hour turnaround options
  • Competitive Pricings
  • Guaranteed satisfaction and time bound services
  • Customer-oriented approach
  • Specially skilled and domain trained professionals

Podcasting needs deep knowledge in the subject so when you have your podcasts and need to transcribe them rely on services from Hi-Tech Export. All you podcasts will be transcribed by our team of professional transcriptionists and you automatically allow more people to get the information from your podcasts.

We Cover Many Areas With Our Podcast Transcription Services and They Include:

  • Any type of meeting, seminars, sermons, speeches, lectures, conferences, TV commentaries, radio programs, TV programs, political broadcasts, entertainment broadcasts, news broadcasts and much more.
  • TV programs, political broadcasts, entertainment broadcasts, news broadcasts and much more.

Contact us to get high quality, time bound and cost effective podcast transcription services.