Legal Transcription Services

Hi-Tech Export is a leading transcription service provider dealing with quality legal transcription services that prove to be very beneficial for lawyers, law companies, attorneys, paralegals and other legal professionals. We provide secure and confidential legal transcription services on time, in any format and that too at competitive prices to make you ahead of your competitors.

Legal transcription is a specialized domain and a complex one too. If there is even a small change in language or words then the meaning of the text changes completely. A missed word or misinterpreted sentence can win or lose cases. Thus legal transcription requires complete understanding of legal terminology to transcribe legal documents accurately.

Benefits of Choosing Our Legal Transcription Services:

  • Services provided by our specially trained professionals
  • We maintain highest level of accuracy and offer consistent services
  • Safe and secure methods are used for file transfers
  • Prices those are very less comparatively from other local companies.
  • Latest use of methods and technologies to ensure you with best services
  • All documents are thoroughly proofread and pass through stringent quality checks so there are no errors
  • Commitment of 100% confidentiality and privacy
  • We are flexible in every manner: TAT, payment options and prices

Our transcriptionists are capable to transcribe legal reports like memorandums, court transcripts, legal pleadings and much more.

Why Choose Us for Outsourcing Legal Transcription Services?

  • We employ team of experienced and talented professionals who are trained in legal terms and jargon and have expertise of solving complex legal transcriptions
  • We handle all legal transcription requirements and enable clients to increase their efficiency level and productivity
  • Our legal transcription services save time, resources, and effort, technology & infrastructure costs
  • We offer cost efficient and highly accurate legal transcription services
  • Legal transcriptions demand high attention deep into details and a high level of experience in legal proceedings despite of its format and not all can provide them and we have both of them at the most
  • Hi-tech export’s legal transcription ensures 99% accuracy for situations where transcriptions need to be perfect
  • We test each one with 4 step quality assurance process so as to ensure that your legal transcriptions meet the highest standards
  • We have talented professionals thus there are very less corrections
  • Each transcription is proofread, reviewed, re-verified and corrected if required
  • If under any circumstance transcripts cannot meet the guaranteed level of accuracy then we will refund 100% of transcription fees

Contact us to get high quality, time bound and cost effective legal transcription services.