Interview Transcription Services

An interview is the questioning of a person or a group of people with the intention of extracting more information or his knowledge in the best possible way on any subject. Interview transcription is the process of conversion of interview recordings into text form. Interview transcription is becoming more famous because transcripts are much easier to work with than recordings. More and more companies, corporate and many other firms need these services.

Hi-Tech Export is a leading transcription service providing company satisfying its clients by providing interview transcription services from many years. We transcribe audio and video recordings of all types of interviews as per your needs. We transcribe one-on-one interviews and interviews with multiple participants also. We have successfully carried out interview transcription assignments for journalists, lawyers, professors, teachers, students, market researchers, consultants, police force, insurance agents, corporate managers, business owners, trainers, writers, psychologists and psychiatrists.

We Provide Interview Transcription Services in Many Areas Such As:

  • Interviews with single or multiple participants
  • Multiple interviews of the participants
  • Any type of Business meetings or Group discussions
  • Job & HR interview transcription
  • Medical interview transcription
  • Converting any type of audio & video interview
  • Radio, Television & Telephone interviews
  • Legal Interviews & Journalistic interviews
  • Market Research interviews transcription
  • Lectures recording transcription
  • Any type of Focus Group interview transcription
  • Dissertations, Depositions/Dictations, Press Briefings interview transcription and many more

Our experts are highly qualified and skilled in handling transcription of interviews in any format like audio or video and provides the transcripts in MS Word, PDF, XML or plain text formats. We can format the transcript as provided by you. We deliver secure and accurate interview transcription services in less turnaround time. Our interview transcription services become helpful in book writing, book preparation, taking deposition, doing research, etc. Our interview transcription services are such that fulfill clients’ expectations in terms of time, accuracy, speed and cost savings.

Benefits of Our Interview Transcription Services Are:

  • Fast turnaround time with same day option too.
  • We maintain maximum level of accuracy in our transcripts
  • Verbatim & semi-verbatim transcripts as per requirements.
  • Provide talented and experienced interview transcriptionists for better services
  • Provide cost effective and time bound services
  • Follow strict security and confidentiality in all our services

Contact us to get high quality, time bound and cost effective interview transcription services.